20 Tips for Getting Pregnant Faster

Finally ready to have a baby? These 20 tips for getting pregnant faster can help you meet your family-building goals on time.

Tips for Getting Pregnant Faster

We’re always told we shouldn’t rush having a baby – but when we’re finally ready, how can we make sure we can do it safely, just when we want to? These 20 tips for getting pregnant faster should help you meet your family-building goals on time.

1. See your Gynecologist for a pre-conception consult.

Usually, a fertility specialist is not necessary for people under 35 who are in good health, but if you want to be sure you’re doing everything right, seeing your GYN doctor for a check-up is the best first step.

Ask them to do a general exam to rule out anything that may interfere with getting pregnant. Be sure to tell them if you have irregular, heavy, scanty or painful periods since those might be signs of hormone imbalances.

2. Get tested for conditions that may affect pregnancy.

Fibroids, polyps and other conditions may prevent proper embryo implantation.

In addition, thyroid conditions, anemia, diabetes, and high blood pressure can increase the chance of miscarriage, and therefore may need to be treated before you attempt to get pregnant.

3. Have your male partner tested.

It’s not just sperm count and quality that needs to be checked, but conditions like diabetes, stress and high blood pressure have been known to cause erectile dysfunction, sperm abnormalities, among other issues.

4. Take your maintenance medications regularly.

Consult your doctor if you are concerned that your maintenance medications will conflict with your fertility.

5. Track your ovulation carefully.

Knowledge is power and timing is everything! Remember, we ovulate only once per month.

Ovulation tracking apps are helpful in focusing your efforts. Get used to reading your body’s signs too. A mild pinching or achy feeling in your lower pelvis, eggwhite-like vaginal discharge, and increased libido are all good signs that you are probably ovulating.

6. Watch what you eat.

Some foods and drinks may contain chemicals that negatively affect your health. Things like energy drinks, high levels of caffeine, and processed or fast foods can harm your fertility.

Eat foods containing all the colors of the rainbow to get all the right nutrients to support your fertility.acupuncture for fertility nutrients

7. Regulate your weight.

Both Obesity and being underweight are known causes of infertility. Be sure to check your BMI – between 20-25 is ideal for fertility.

8. Get plenty of rest.

Rest doesn’t just mean “sleep”; it could just be unwinding and chilling out. Engaging in a calm, relaxing hobby may count as rest.

Do remember that we need 7-8 hours of actual sleep per night to be at our best.

9. Avoid stress.

Decrease your workload.

And when you can, surround yourself with things that help you keep your cool. Yoga, meditation and massages, and time with loved ones are known stress-busters.

10. Avoid overextending your body.

This includes over-exercising, which causes physical stress. Moderate exercise with your heart rate below 140 BPM, about 3-4 times per week, is best.Pilates Exercise for Fertility

11. Take prenatal vitamins that contain methylated folate.

Your provider should be able to recommend good-quality supplements.

12. Consider herbal medicines.

In many traditions, herbal medicines may help increase the odds of getting pregnant.

Be sure to consult with a licensed practitioner, however, before taking any herbs or supplements. Getting herbs online from Dr. Google is not good medicine, and can lead to more problems!

13. Consider acupuncture.

Acupuncture has long been known to promote wellness and has been shown in many studies to help increase fertility.

14. Stop smoking immediately.

Nicotine has been found to cause a wide variety of health complications, including infertility.

Avoid smoking, avoid exposure to secondhand smoke, and if possible, have your partner quit smoking as well while pregnancy is being attempted.

15. Avoid drinking alcohol.

Alcohol negatively affects hormones and may complicate conception – not to mention experts have found that no amount of alcohol is “safe” to be taken during pregnancy.

Avoid drinking alcoho

16. Avoid recreational substances.

Even “soft” drugs like marijuana may affect ovulation. They definitely affect sperm negatively.

17. Don’t stress about the position or having an orgasm.

There are no sex positions that are “more effective,” and there is no scientific proof that a woman who does or doesn’t have orgasms with every sexual encounter has a greater chance to conceive.

18. Don’t stress about missing fertility windows.

If you have sex about every other day or so, there is still a chance you can get pregnant, even if you have sex outside of your exact ovulation date. The important thing is not to stress.

When possible, do have sex before you ovulate, so that the sperm is there to meet the egg when it is released. But keep it relaxed and spontaneous with your partner.

19. Don’t stress about lying in bed after sex.

Some believe that it is important for women to lie flat in bed after sex to help the sperm get to the right place…but there is no scientific evidence to support the idea that this increases seminal flow.

Healthy sperm has good motility, or forward momentum, and knows where to go. There are millions of sperm in each ejaculation, so if a few come out, nature really has got you covered with the other 10 million!

20. Make sure your partner is also healthy and low-stress.

Your partner should be exercising, taking a high-quality multi-vitamin, and consistently doing stress-reduction activities such as massage or acupuncture. Conception is more likely to occur if both partners are in top shape – physically, emotionally and mentally.

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