Sperm Talk: How to Convince Your Man Acupuncture for Fertility is for Him

It takes two to make a baby. So, it only makes sense that your husband/boyfriend/significant other does his part in your efforts to get pregnant and start a family together. But convincing him to get his sperm tested, let alone trying treatments like yoga and acupuncture for fertility, may present a bit of a challenge.

That’s because any hint that his swimmers could have a problem impinges on his sense of masculinity. Most men simply prefer not to know. It’s scary for them to get tested.  However, it’s always best to have the facts at hand so you know more about what you’re dealing with. And you can explain to him that it helps by taking some of the pressure off you!

So, how can you convince your man to join you and have his own sessions of acupuncture for fertility?

Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Show him the science. According to a report published on WebMD, the underlying factors behind a couple’s inability to get pregnant are split 50-50 between the male and female partner. Also, studies like this suggest that acupuncture for male fertility can help improve the quality and motility of a man’s sperm, important for conceiving.
  2. Have a heart-to-heart talk with him. Most likely he is feeling insecure because he couldn’t get you pregnant. Plus he’s stressing over how you’re feeling – wanting to protect and take care of you.  Getting into any kind of treatment, even if it means improving your chances of having a baby, may seem like admitting he is inadequate. Encourage him to open up about his fears and concerns, and just listen.
  3. Never assign blame. Getting pregnant through assisted fertility treatments can be extremely stressful. Nonetheless, this isn’t an excuse to start pointing fingers. Instead, you need to let him know that you can’t do it without him, you need his support, and, most importantly, you’re in this together.  The two of you are a team.
  4. Tell him about your fertility acupuncturist.  He may be nervous about seeing an acupuncturist, especially one he doesn’t know. If he can come with you to your acupuncture appointments and get treated at the same time, it’ll help him feel more comfortable, and that he’s part of a team.

If appealing to his logic through science and his emotions through heartfelt communication doesn’t work, then there’s only one thing you can do…wait. Be patient with him and get on with your own treatments.

Over time as he sees how it’s benefiting you – giving him a calmer, more rested partner, he may come around to trying acupuncture for fertility for himself.  So be supportive, wherever he is.  And let him know he’s taking care of you by taking care of himself!

If you have questions about how acupuncture can help men with fertility let us know. We have lots of experience working with men, as well as women, and love helping couples work together to get ready to conceive a healthy baby.

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