How to Improve Your Egg Quality in 30 Days or Less

Practical and Quick Ways to Improve Your Egg Quality

Ever feel that there’s not enough time in a day, a month, a year to do the things you want? Are you experiencing even more pressure with timing and your fertility window? Would you like to go on an everlasting retreat to work on every aspect of your health in order to improve your fertility? Of course! However, there are even more practical and reachable ways to optimize your reproductive health and egg quality. 

At Portland Acupuncture Studio, we treat and coach women to improve their fertility and egg quality. While it takes 90 days for follicles to mature, there are a number of practical and healthy steps to improve egg quality in less than 30 days. Bonus: All of these steps assist fertility and are foundations for optimal health. 

1. Acupuncture for Fertility

Schedule a visit with your fertility-focused acupuncturist. Acupuncture can help to improve egg quality by increasing microcirculation to the pelvic area and reducing the impact of stress on the body, which helps with conception. In addition, acupuncture for fertility increases success during controlled ovarian hyperstimulation a.k.a. egg retrieval, intrauterine insemination, a.k.a. IUI, and in vitro fertilization, a.k.a. IVF.

2. Supplement

CoQ10 has been shown in studies to improve egg quality overall. In addition, if you are working on preconception, it’s always smart to take a high-quality prenatal vitamin, with all of the basic nutrients needed to support fertility and methylated B vitamins for optimal absorption. 

3. Sleep

I understand how hard it is to find time for quality sleep, especially when your 3-year-old is waking you up in the middle of the night because he needs to cuddle. Do manage sleep as best as you can by aiming for an early to bed, early to rise schedule. Wrap up your day and turn off your notifications by 9 PM. Hop into bed after drinking chamomile tea by 10 PM, so you are fast asleep by 11 PM and waking with the sunshine. If you have difficulty sleeping, consider supplementing with magnesium or possibly Melatonin. Note: Melatonin use should discontinue during pregnancy.

4. Exercise, moderately

Yes, do sleep, but also, move! Regular, moderate exercise is ideal. Increase your heart rate 3-4 days weekly. Do keep in mind that sculpted abs might look great in photos, but ideally, you want to have unrestricted blood flow to the pelvic area. Focus on moving but not sculpting during this time. 

5. Manage Stress

Besides acupuncture treatment to reduce stress, add mindfulness to your daily routine. I am not suggesting by starting with sitting on the floor in lotus pose and doing your best to meditate for an hour. If you want to add mindfulness to your daily routine, consider taking a few deep, mindful breaths while waiting for your online conference call to begin. If you are walking your dog, take a moment to watch the crocuses pop up out of the grass, feel your feet on the ground, and breathe. 

By taking the time to incorporate these practices within 30 days, you can positively impact your egg quality and your fertility so you can have the baby you long for. Time is on your side!

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