What Does Acupuncture for Fertility Involve?

What Does Acupuncture for Fertility Involve?

What Does Acupuncture for Fertility Involve?

If you’ve been trying to get pregnant, but you’re just getting one negative test after the other, it might be time to try acupuncture to support your fertility. If you’ve never tried acupuncture, you might wonder what acupuncture for fertility involves. 

Seeking out a specialist is best when doing acupuncture for fertility. Because acupuncturists can have different specialties, be sure the one you choose has experience helping people get pregnant. Your fertility acupuncturist will spend time with you at your first visit getting to know you, asking about your cycles and your GYN history.

They will also ask about other aspects of your health, like your digestion, sleep, any allergies or headaches, and your overall health. Then they do an exam which involves taking your pulse, looking at your tongue, and palpating your abdomen. This information will give them clues to what is needed to guide your body into better health so that you can get pregnant sooner. 

The acupuncture treatment will involve placing fine, sterilized needles into various parts of the body – and then letting you rest. Most people find acupuncture very relaxing and don’t feel the needles at all. The majority of acupuncture patients love their treatments, and look forward to coming to each session. For acupuncture for fertility, it is best to have sessions 1-2 times per week for 3-6 months. 

Acupuncture for fertility aims to regulate your hormones and improve blood flow to your reproductive organs. Treatments work to improve the connection between your brain, ovaries and uterus, while decreasing the negative effects of stress hormones. If you have other symptoms that might negatively affect your health, like poor sleep or difficult digestion, your acupuncturist will attend to those as well.

With regular acupuncture sessions, your body will be gently guided into a state of better health, making it easier for you to get pregnant. In a few months, you will likely see a positive pregnancy test – at last! – and can share the good news with your fertility acupuncturist! 

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