Acupuncture for Fertility: Effectiveness, Safety, and Side Effects

acupuncture for fertility

In the last 25 or so years, acupuncture has become well-known for helping couples experiencing fertility issues become pregnant. Acupuncture for fertility has been studied scientifically for decades. Here’s what we know.

Acupuncture for Fertility

Acupuncture can reduce the time it takes to get pregnant by half. One study completed in 2016, compared subfertile women who tried acupuncture plus lifestyle modifications to subfertile women who only tried lifestyle modifications. Those who received acupuncture conceived within an average of 5.5 weeks compared to more than 10 weeks for those not receiving acupuncture. 

Studies show that acupuncture can increase the micro-circulation in the pelvic region. This means better blood flow to all the reproductive organs, resulting in better egg quality and a better uterine lining, both of which are important for conceiving and maintaining a pregnancy.

Acupuncture may improve sperm count and sperm quality according to several studies from 2005 and before. Since male-factor infertility accounts for 30-50% of infertility cases, this is a crucial piece of the fertility puzzle.

When it comes to assisted reproduction, there is a lot of research on improved pregnancy outcomes with a combination of acupuncture and IVF. In some studies, the chances of pregnancy doubled with acupuncture compared to without. 

Acupuncture is generally regarded as a safe modality when provided by a licensed practitioner. Common side effects are extremely mild, and mostly limited to an occasional small bruise or soreness at the site of needle insertion. Acupuncturists in the United States are highly trained in anatomy as well as clean needle technique, and use sterile, single-use needles, so it is safe to get acupuncture while you are trying, and also throughout your pregnancy. 

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